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A few examples of current or recent business to business loyalty programs. Note that every solution we provide for our clients is completely customised to their branding so that our clients can own their programs and erewards is in the background providing the support required to make these programs successful.

Business to business customer loyalty Program

These programmes are business to business sales incentive programmes offered by companies in a variety of industries to reward their customers for their ongoing loyalty, encourage them to stay with the company providing the programme as well as encouraging clients to maintain and lift purchase volumes.

Campaigns have been run as part of the programmes to target sales of specific products and monthly newsletters are sent to participants either by mail or email to show them points earned, special deals, qualified rewards. The aim of these is to increase the buy-in of the programme participants and align their activities with the programme objectives.

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Trade manufacturer/supplier Rewards Program

A traditional loyalty program rewarding clients for their purchases of the company's product.

Incentives exist in the program to increase purchase volume, remain loyal to the supply company and make timely payments. It also provides a simple way for the company to say thanks to their loyal clients.

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erewards also offers staff incentive programmes - more information about these can be found by clicking this link

These programmes target the following areas:

Staff Performance Management Program

These programmmes are long term performance management programmes often provided to large coprorate clients but can be run in different forms for medium sized and even in some cases small businesses. They provide employees with their results for KPI's each month and team results against specific team targets.

Top performance is rewarded by allocation of points to the staff members online account. Those points can be redeemed immediately for rewards of their choice or accrued to obtain a more valuable reward at a later time.

Results of these programmes typically see a huge lift in staff performance and all teams are on track to achieve their annual targets. The website also tracks performance over time and allow individuals to access information to assist them to improve performance where required.

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Employee Reward and Recognition programmes

This programme provides sales staff information on their progress in selling items that are running in sales promotions in the company. Staff can see their individual and team results and rewards earned for each promotion as it progresses.

How do I get more information about a loyalty program for a NZ business?

Use the contact form to provide us your contact details so we can organise a time to get together with you. You can call us on 0800 200 204 or click here to email us.



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