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These are the types of outcomes you could expect from a simple non-branded loyalty programme. Incentives of this type are best at achieving sales growth in small to medium sized businesses and can also be used as a lead in programme to a longer term reward scheme that needs time for design and development.

Boost awareness of business relationship... increase sales

Reduce customer churn... improve customer satisfaction

Grow customer loyalty... reduce marketing costs


Save time - no need to dream up the rewards and have the hassles of trying to run the programme inhouse using staff who are already busy

Save hassle - the data gathering and reporting will be incorporated into the programme design so minimal input is required

Happy customers - your customers will feel that their choice of your business is being recognised in a tangible way and will feel more valued as a result

Loyal customers - the rewards are diverse and have broad appeal so will drive the behaviour and purchasing changes you are looking to achieve through the reward programme

Great results - we have seen some extraordinary results from our incentive programmes, way in excess of what the company thought possible

Think about:

What is the outcome I want from the loyalty programme?

What incentives have I used in the past and what worked best?

What are the potential outcomes and what value (financial or otherwise) will the company achieve with these results?

erewards incentive management system:

Our solutions can incorporate the following elements:

a custom designed website with individual login

an online rewards account for each programme participant to track reward points allocations and reward redemptions

a reward catalogue with approximately 1500 rewards including a broad range of physical items plus relaxing, fun and challenging experiences throughout new zealand

regular updates using personalised email statements for programme participants and reporting

reliable timely delivery of rewards to programme participants

personal customer service that will support the programme to get the best result possible

If you want an offline programme that is promoted by flyers, posters etc and hardcopy reporting, we can provide this type of programme as well.

What now:

To find out more or get a quote complete the contact form and we will get back to you within one working day to discuss your requirements. Feel free to call on 09 6254004 if you would just like to kick around some ideas about how this type of loyalty solution would suit your business requirements.


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