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Solutions | Custom designed consumer loyalty programmes and promotional rewards


Boost awareness of brand... increase sales

Increase customer loyalty... reduce customer recruitment costs

Incentivise customers... increased product awareness

Could the profitability of your business be increased by encouraging your business customers to make you the first choice supplier of products and services they require?

Increasingly companies are recognising the importance of ensuring that clients feel valued for the business they do with you, particularly when your business is the preferred supplier of services or products they rely on for their business. Loyalty reward programmes allow companies to get a strong message to business clients recognising the value of business relationships. These types of programmes are typically driven by allocation of reward points in relation to purchase volume so the better the client the more rewarded they will be for the relationship.

If the programme is presented in a professionally branded format that enhances your brand value, then your brand recognition will grow along with client loyalty.

Business customers will commonly belong to industry associations and will communicate with each other about the benefits offered by your reward programme that will tend to increase your client base.


it's easy - once the programme is set up it will run without too much input, it just requires monthly updates on new clientys and turnover volumes

cashflow improvement - if points allocation is tied to account payment, clients will be more aware about timely bill payment and less reliant on your business to fund their cashflow

loyal customers - the rewards are diverse and have broad appeal so will drive the behaviour and changes in purchasing behaviour you are looking to achieve through the reward programme

competitive advantage - customers are adept at recognising when their business relationship is valued and will respond appropriately

Think about:

What is the outcome I want?

What reward rate will be required to motivate business clients?

Can my business sustain this investment and what sales growth will be required?

Can I easily produce financial data on a monthly basis to generate the reward points allocations?

Is there a theme we could adopt in the programme that will enhance the appeal of the programme to our key customers?

What types of rewards will be most valued by our client group?

erewards custom designed loyalty programmes incorporate:

computer based or hardcopy programmes or a mix of both depending on work environment

a promotional campaign to get the message to target clients

motivating rewards selected from a comprehensive reward catalogue with approximately 1500 rewards including a broad range of physical items plus relaxing, fun and challenging experiences throughout new zealand

online reward points accounts accessed using a unique login

reliable timely delivery of rewards to programme participants

personal customer service that will support the programme to get the best result possible

What now:

To find out more or get a quote complete the contact form and we will get back to you within one working day to discuss your requirements. Feel free to call on 09 6254004 if you would just like to discuss some ideas about how a custom designed and branded loyalty programme could impact your business.

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