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How does an erewards loyalty program operate?

We supply custom designed loyalty programmes designed to meet individual client needs, so there is no simple answer to this question. However most programmes we offer are web based as this significantly reduces both the set-up cost and ongoing maintenance of the programme and ensures the rewards catalogue is always up to date. Electronic exchange of information ensures that clients points allocations are done in a timely manner

Any programme should be totally integrated into your overall marketing strategy.

Aims of the programme should be defined and measurable. In order to make the program powerful it is important to adopt tactics which keep the program and rewards on offer, top of mind for the program participants.

Loyalty programs suuplied by erewards are diverse and flexible enough to allow the reward program website to share many different types of information to encourage program participants to visit on a regular basis. This can include information about products and services of interest based on profile, reward specials and product specials etc. The approach here depends on what is important for your business.

Simple hardcopy reward programs

This type of program is provided for some short term sales promotions that don't justify the development of a web based solution.

A hardcopy program is normally promoted using point of sale materials such as posters or brochures, but can also be promoted using product stickers etc. These promotional pieces are designed by our in-house graphic designer.

Short term promotions are often provided with stepped reward levels to encourage the purchasing behaviour sought and rewards are targetted to the demographic of the target audience in order to achieve maximum motivation.

Rewards are ordered using simple mechanisms either on completion of the program or ongoingly as required, and are supplied to program clients within 2 - 4 days of receipt of order.

As with all loyalty programs, short term promotions are most successful when the rewards are well matched to the target audience so that the rewards are appealing and desired by the clients. Some programs can incorporate a hardcopy aspect eg. peel off labels on product to reveal a code which is then entered on a website established for the promotion. The benefit of this type of approach is that it allows the capture of client data that can be used for future direct mail/email promotions.

Web-based loyalty programs

Web based loyalty programs can be simple or sophisticated, the solution depends on what you want to achieve.

At the simplest level, sales information from selected or enrolled clients is sent to erewards monthly and uploaded to a programme website where purchases are rewarded with reward points. Reward points are allocated into an individual account for each loyalty programme participant and they can choose rewards from the online reward catalogue.

We have developed some very sophisticated web based solutions for clients allow clients to adopt tactics for their programmes such as setting qualifying targets for individual clients. Progress towards the target can be displayed using a thermometer type graphic or some other display relevant to the theme of the programme and each time the client logs in they get a visual display of their progress. Another tactic is to offer clients bonus points on reaching targets so they have a strong incentive to increase purchases from your business beyond previous levels. Another approach is to use a sliding scale for points allocations so as clients reach thresholds in their purchases the reward points allocated increases. For example purchases up to $5000 might attract 5% value, $5001 - $7000 could get 7.5% value and so on. The reward programme software can monitor progress, allocate points according to the agreed formula and report these in many different and enticing ways to clients.

Every programme for which erewards is the supplier is based on some core data provided by the client business that is the driver for reward allocation.

This data is sent to erewards on a regular basis, commonly through an electronic interface and if at all possible following an electronic extraction process.

Each program we create is customised to individual client need, but the core process is essentially similar:

loyalty program
loyalty programme
reward catalogue reward fulfilment
increase sales incentives

The erewards system receives the data and interprets it. The results determine the points allocations made. Each participant in the programme is able to log on to the site to see their progress and view transactions on their online points account. An extensive reward catalogue is available on the site offering in excess of 1500 rewards and redemptions are made using shopping cart technology.

Regular personalised communications are sent to participants to keep them engaged with the programme and informed about their progress, reward changes, specials, and program changes.

All programs are subject to regular review and modifications made if necessary.

How do I get more information about provision of a loyalty program for a NZ business?

Use the contact form to give us your contact details so we can organise a time to get together with you. You can call us on 0800 200 204 or click here to email us.


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